If you were accused of theft, it is important to know your legal options moving forward in order to best help your case. An experienced defense attorney can help you understand what routes you can take given your situation, as well as the rights you still possess in court as an American citizen.

If you have prior criminal convictions on your permanent record, this could potentially affect your ability to receive leniency from the Commonwealth in the form of a plea deal where the severity of your charge is reduced after pleading guilty. This is because Virginia’s sentencing guidelines look directly at your criminal record when determining what kind of charge you will receive, whether it is a first-time misdemeanor or a serious felony.

Theft charges can range from misdemeanors to felony offenses, where a felony contains the most severe penalties. Charges tend to build off of one another in order to create a more serious offense after you receive your first conviction.

For example, if you have been convicted of multiple counts of theft, you could potentially spend more time in prison for a felony conviction. After committing two misdemeanor petit larcenies, a third misdemeanor offense would be charged as a felony under Virginia law.

In addition, if you are convicted of a type of theft crime such as robbery, you may receive a prison sentence ranging from five years to life. A life’s sentence is the harshest penalty possible for a theft crime, highlighting the seriousness of these charges and the necessity of retaining a competent attorney.

Even after a conviction, a professional Fairfax theft lawyer could examine your case to see if it merits an appeal by using evidence that may have been discovered after the trial. However, before reaching out to an attorney, it is important to know all of the facets of your charge so that you can make the most well-informed decision possible about your case.

An attorney can provide zealous representation for you by creating the best defense possible to fit your unique situation. Because waiting to retain a lawyer can potentially harm your case, it is better to reach out as soon as possible following your accusation. If you wish to fight against your charges, consider contacting us today to advocate for your best interests.