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Washington DC Title IX Lawyer

Facing allegations of criminal activity can be a frightening and intimidating experience for a student. Not only can an allegation of a violation of the District’s criminal code bring harsh criminal charges, but the mere accusations of a crime might affect a person’s educational future.

This dynamic is especially true when dealing with allegations of Title IX violations. While a student cannot directly violate Title IX, the law does require universities and colleges to fully investigate any allegations of sexual violence that affect their students. As a result, both schools and prosecutors will take any allegation of sexual violence very seriously.

If you have had allegations leveled against you, a Washington DC Title IX lawyer could help you on both fronts. A legal professional could work to mount a defense in the District’s criminal courts to protect your freedom while, at the same time, working within the confines of your school’s disciplinary procedures to give you the best chance to continue your education.

What is Title IX?

Title IX is a large collection of amendments to the federal government’s educational code. Enacted in 1972, a collection of amendments has expanded this law to prohibit any discrimination at school because of a person’s sex. Further, the law requires all schools to establish investigatory procedures to delve into any alleged incidents of violence or harassment committed upon their property or that affect their students.

This law affects all schools that receive any form of federal funding. As a result, even private colleges and universities must adhere to these rules. This affects students in a very real way. While a student cannot violate Title IX, they may commit alleged acts that compel a school to respond. In addition, many of these acts are also supposed violations of Washington DC’s criminal code.

Potential Effects Upon Education

All colleges and universities maintain disciplinary boards that are dedicated to maintaining a code of conduct. While these codes will vary on a school by school basis, in general, they will all require students to follow the criminal laws. While many allegations of wrongdoing such as underage drinking or drug use are left to the discretion of the school to investigate, all schools are required by Title IX to look into alleged criminal activity caused by a person’s sex.

As a result, an alleged Title IX violation is almost certain to result in a school investigation. These investigations can result in the rescinding of privileges, removal from student housing, suspension, or even expulsion. A hardworking Washington DC lawyer could help to protect a student’s rights during these Title IX hearings.

The Potential Charges for Title IX Violation

Many alleged violations of Title IX are not just matters for school boards. In fact, much of this behavior also counts as violations of criminal laws. Because of Title IX violations implying that a crime occurred because of a person’s sex, many of these offenses are sexual in nature and serious offenses. Prominent examples include:

Revenge Porn

Just because an alleged incident occurred on a school’s campus does not mean that local police will not get involved. Indeed, campus security and officials are required to report any alleged crime to local law enforcement. As a result, criminal charges often accompany any alleged Title IX violation, both of which might be handled with the help of a tenacious lawyer in Washington DC.

How a Washington DC Title IX Attorney Might Help

Modern Title IX laws prohibit any form of sexual discrimination that may affect students, which includes incidents of sexual harassment or violence. Schools must follow these laws and establish internal investigation boards to handle complaints. These boards have the ability to seriously hinder or even end a student’s educational future.

In addition, many alleged incidents of Title IX violations are also criminal offenses, which can range in severity from misdemeanors to serious felonies. No matter the circumstances of the allegations you face, you might benefit from the counsel of a hardworking and qualified lawyer.

A Washington DC Title IX lawyer could help you. A legal professional could work to defeat the criminal accusations leveled against you, as well as defending your educational privileges before your school’s disciplinary board. Call today to learn more.

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