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DC Drug Distribution and Trafficking Lawyer

If you were accused of or charged with distributing or trafficking illicit substances, you may feel overwhelmed and unsure of how to proceed under the circumstances. While any drug-related offense may incur serious penalties, charges for distribution and trafficking are considered more severe than others in Washington, D.C.

However, a DC drug distribution and trafficking lawyer could help. By working with a skilled drug attorney, you could have help in assessing your legal circumstances and deciding how to best proceed.

Understanding Drug Distribution

In DC, the distribution of drugs is considered a much more serious offense than possession. This means that those who have simply used or possessed an illicit substance are generally less culpable within the criminal justice system than those who sell drugs.

This also means that law enforcement agencies treat distribution charges quite seriously, employing numerous techniques and a variety of investigations in an attempt to stop it. While any distribution charge could lead to severe penalties, there are multiple key aggravating factors in a case.

For example, whether or violence was used, if a weapon was present, and how much money was present will all factor into the severity of a charge. Furthermore, the quantity and type of drug will also affect the outcome of a case. For example, cocaine and heroin are dealt with more severely than marijuana. Because of the potential for so many variables within a case, anyone charged with drug distribution might benefit from the counsel of a well-versed DC lawyer.

The Complications of Distribution Cases

For distribution cases, the government will often use a variety of evidence against a defendant. This might include surveillance, subpoenaed text messages and other electronic communications, recordings of phone conversations, and the use of informants who are cooperating with an investigation.

However, the predominant complications that often arise focus on the potential for unreasonable searches and seizures, as well as statements allegedly made that involve issues under the Fifth Amendment.

Furthermore, in certain cases, the identity of the person who has allegedly distributed is often contested. Similarly, challenges may also be made regarding whether or not the transaction that occurred actually constitutes a distribution charge in DC. These potential gaps in a distribution and trafficking drug case against an accused individual could be investigated by a seasoned DC lawyer.

How is Drug Trafficking Defined in DC?

Trafficking typically involves the charges of importation of an illicit substance from outside of the country. These cases often involve multiple defendants, which might work to the detriment of the accused group.

Like accusations of distribution, prosecutors and judges are extremely harsh when it comes to drug trafficking charges in DC. Because of this, prosecutors expend a tremendous amount of resources in an attempt to be successful when dealing with these cases.

This is because conspiracy may also be charged—for example, if a statement is made by a co-conspirator, it can be admitted against another co-conspirator and is an exception to the hearsay rule. Therefore, an accused individual with a potentially strong defense may have their case damaged due to the actions of an accused co-conspirator. A lawyer in DC could help someone accused of drug trafficking prepare a solid defense.

Retain a DC Drug Distribution and Trafficking Attorney

If you were charged with the distribution or trafficking of an illicit or illegal substance, it is important to understand your legal options and rights. Instead of navigating this process alone, however, consider reaching out to a DC drug distribution and trafficking lawyer.

When looking for an attorney, it is important to have a legal professional on your side who has experience in dealing with these specific types of cases and who works hard to stay current with both DC drug laws and the technology used during the legal process. To discuss your circumstances, call an attorney today.

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DC Drug Distribution and Trafficking Lawyer
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