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Washington, DC Criminal Defense Lawyer

Being accused of a crime, or even investigated for involvement in criminal activity, can drastically disrupt your life and potentially change the course of your future. With legal representation from an experienced Washington, DC criminal defense lawyer, you can preserve your rights and your freedom. Our criminal defense attorneys are committed to providing superior legal services and aggressive defense against an array of misdemeanor and felony criminal charges which will give you the confidence you need as you prepare to defend your legal record, and your future.

The sheer vastness of the legal field can be daunting. When it comes to the subset of criminal law, the seemingly endless variety of cases, and potential risks can be frightening for those individuals who find themselves charged with such crimes. Most people have heard of misdemeanor and felony charges, but it can be hard to grasp the immense range of crimes that fall under those two categories, as well as the range of penalties that can result from these charges. If you are looking at your first charge, or this is a subsequent offense, an attorney could investigate your situation and work tirelessly to defend your rights. It is important that you find a well-qualified and dedicated Washington, DC criminal defense attorney. David Benowitz has the experience and knowledge to help fight for your freedom. He is also the only Washington, DC-based criminal defense attorney who has been board-certified as a criminal advocate by the National Board of Trial Advocacy.

Practice Areas

In Washington, DC the most common criminal charges tend to be either traffic-related charges, such as reckless driving and DUI, or more serious offenses, such as assault, disorderly conduct, and second degree theft, that usually involve drugs or heavy amounts of alcohol. Robberies, sales of narcotics, and homicide are also considered common charges in D.C.

Things To Keep in Mind

It is important to find a DC criminal defense lawyer as early in your case as possible. Keep in mind the following:

  1. Anything you say to law enforcement officials, police, or federal agents can and will be used against you to prosecute your case. Trying to “clear things up” without advice from a lawyer can lead to the manipulation of your words.
  2. Most evidence used by the prosecution is gathered in the initial stages of a criminal investigation. A criminal lawyer in DC can protect your constitutional rights, for example by preventing illegal search and seizure, during these early stages of an investigation. Furthermore, as prosecutors gather evidence to mount a case against you, a lawyer can preserve evidence to support your defense.
  3. Prosecutors and district attorneys often push for maximum sentencing. Our lawyers have proven successful at negotiating reduced charges and lighter sentencing, including probation over jail time. Where dismissal is impossible and fighting for acquittal is an unwise legal move in light of the evidence, skillful negotiation is imperative to reach the optimum legal result.

To protect your interests, you need an intelligent, motivated criminal defense team behind you. Defense attorneys understand the urgency of criminal charges and will work diligently to ensure that your rights are preserved at every stage of a criminal proceeding.

A DC Criminal Lawyer Can Help

Unfortunately, too many people think that hiring a defense attorney will make them appear guilty, perhaps leading authorities to the conclusion that they have something to hide. However, having legal representation from an attorney is not an indication of guilt but rather a constitutional right. If you have been accused of a crime, it is important to remember that you are being prosecuted by experienced lawyers determined to prove your guilt. Defense attorneys not only strive to protect clients from unfair prosecution, they protect the legal rights and interests of defendants from arrest through prosecution and court proceedings.

Washington, DC law enforcement officers build a case against you using the full force of government agencies. Having an experienced attorney on your side will help level the playing field.

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