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DC Solicitation Lawyer

Solicitation of prostitution in DC is against the law and carries serious legal consequences. Beyond the legal consequences, a charge of solicitation in DC has severe negative implications in terms of the personal and professional lives of those charged, such as public shame, marital discord, and even job termination. Additionally as a criminal lawyer in DC can explain, DC laws against solicitation and prostitution can be complex and confusing, making it easy for people to unwittingly become involved.

If you have been charged with solicitation of prostitution in DC, a DC solicitation lawyer can review your case carefully and defend your rights vigorously. In addition to mitigating any legal ramifications, a criminal defense lawyer in DC will understand the embarrassment associated with being criminally charged, especially for a sex crime. Given the damage that such a charge can have on your reputation, our DC solicitation lawyers consider it equally important to protect your privacy in the process of defending your good name. En Español.

Those arrested for solicitation and those who suspect they may be under investigation for solicitation should immediately contact an attorney to begin crafting a strategy for defense.

Solicitation Charges

Under DC law, solicitation for prostitution is the act of inviting, enticing, offering, persuading someone, or agreeing to engage in prostitution. Police often use prostitution sting operations to try to net a significant number of arrests. During these stings, female officers act as decoys, attempting to catch men who are looking to engage in soliciting prostitution. Officers will even sometimes bait people into situations they would not normally have become involved in, all for the purpose of making a solicitation arrest. Law enforcement agents may also place false advertisements for escorts or massage therapists online or in classified ads. Responding to such solicitation could land an otherwise innocent person behind bars and facing charges of solicitation.

While solicitation is generally a misdemeanor offense, the legal and personal ramifications are substantial. A first offense carries penalties of confinement in jail for up to 90 days and/or a fine of up to $500. A second offense carries penalties of up to 180 days in jail and/or a fine of up to $1,000. A third or subsequent offense carries penalties of up to two years in prison and a fine of up to $4,000. Having a misdemeanor conviction on someone’s record can also prevent them from obtaining certain types of employment in the future and also gaining security clearances. Being convicted of a sexually-related offense also carries negative social impacts in terms of the stigma attached to people who have committed sex offenses.

Given the seriousness of these consequences, those arrested for solicitation and those who suspect they may be under investigation for solicitation should immediately contact a DC solicitation attorney to begin crafting a defense strategy.

How a Lawyer Can Help

There are several options when it comes to fighting your charge of solicitation. One common defense in police sting arrests is entrapment. Entrapment may have occurred if the solicitation was the result of an officer’s inducement, rather than an intention to commit a crime. An arrest resulting from entrapment is unwarranted and yet being charged with solicitation, even if the charges were the result of entrapment, can still cause damage to a person’s personal and professional life. A solicitation lawyer in DC can evaluate the exact methods used by law enforcement in a sting operation to determine whether or not you were the victim of entrapment.

Defending someone who has been accused of solicitation requires complex strategies and a thorough investigation of the charges. Rather than face the charges unprotected, you would be well-served by contacting a DC solicitation lawyer with the background and knowledge to navigate the court system. They are well-positioned to use their skills and resources to defend your rights and minimize the negative impact that a solicitation conviction would have on your personal life. Contact a skilled DC solicitation lawyer as soon as possible.

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