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DC Federal Cybercrime Lawyer

In general, a cybercrime means allegations of a crime that is committed using a computer or on the Internet. These crimes often involve identity or information theft and are taken very seriously in DC and cybercrime investigations are often carried out by the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security. With these things in mind, it is imperative anyone accused of a cybercrime consults with a DC federal cybercrime lawyer to begin building a defense. An experienced federal lawyer could ensure that the rights of those accused are protected and assist in preparing them for the legal process.

Types of Offenses

Offenses related to cybercrime can include everything from illegal access to a government computer, and potentially illegal hacking of government computers or other computers, to stealing information or illegally accessing information. Anytime someone takes someone else’s identifying information and uses it, it is considered a very serious federal offense, which will likely require the defense of a DC federal cybercrime attorney. With that said, cybercrimes can also include the issues of cyberbullying and things of that nature.

What are the Laws Concerning Federal Cybercrime?

Cybercrime laws concerning the internet are relatively narrow. For example, the illegal accessing charge does not require that information be obtained, just that there was access. The aggravated identity theft, in that context, is used to prosecute people who actually gain access to identifying information.

With this said, one of the common scenarios in which someone may be charged with a cybercrime is when someone allegedly illegally accesses a government network. Whether it is a network at a government agency, at the Department of Homeland Security, at the State Department, or another government agency such as the G.A.O., that is the most common scenario where there may be an allegation of a hacking cybercrime. A lawyer in DC could help someone accused of violating the law using the internet or a computer.

Unique Aspects of Cybercrime Cases

The forensic issues in cybercrime cases tend to make them very unique, as cybercrimes tend to deal with cutting edge topics. There are a lot of issues yet to be litigated in these cases because it is such a new area of focus and new area of prosecution. That makes them very interesting and unique.

Prosecution of Cybercrimes

Federal cybercrime cases are prosecuted particularly aggressively in the Fourth Circuit. Prosecutors and judges in the Fourth Circuit treat cybercrime cases with particular concern, and trials can be harsh. It is important to counter the prosecution with the aid of a federal cybercrime defense lawyer in DC.

Can Someone Still Be Prosecuted From Out of State?

It is definitely possible to be charged for a cybercrime in a state which a person has never visited. An example of this is if someone is in Washington, DC and they are accused of using a computer to access information in Boston, Massachusetts. The computer they are using may involve the use of a server that’s in Massachusetts. The information that is alleged to have been illegally accessed may also be located in Massachusetts. A person can either be charged in the district of Massachusetts, or in the District of Columbia, for a cybercrime that was physically committed in the District of Columbia.

Benefits of a DC Federal Cybercrime Attorney

One of the interesting aspects of cybercrime cases is that almost all of the evidence is usually located on a computer. This is one reason why it is important to have the assistance of a DC federal cybercrime lawyer with particular experience in this field. An experienced attorney could handle these charges with knowledge and experiences that other attorneys likely do not have. These cases usually involve a fair amount of forensic reconstruction of what is alleged to have occurred. In this respect, it is a little different from many other crimes.

Discussing with a computer crime attorney their approach to your case is very valuable in understanding whether or not you want them for your defense. A lawyer who has handled internet crime cases before will have a clear plan of defense and can provide you information on how to proceed with your case.

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