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Common Criminal Charges in DC

In Washington, DC the most common criminal charges tend to be either traffic-related charges, such as reckless driving and DUI, or more serious offenses, such as assault, disorderly conduct, and second-degree theft, that usually involve drugs or heavy amounts of alcohol. Robberies, sales of narcotics, and homicides are also considered common charges in DC

Additionally, because DC is the seat of the federal government and also has its own local government, cases involving fraud are also fairly common, as audits of the numerous federal and local programs available can discover irregularities leading to charging people with fraud related to those programs.

Mistakenly Implicated in a Crime

It is easy in the chaos of a scenario such as a bar fight, for someone to be mistakenly accused of a crime they did not commit by simply being misidentified.

In domestic violence situations, there is always the issue of possible exaggeration or retribution. Accusations are often made to get back at someone because feelings are hurt and they may be the disgruntled person in the relationship.

Commonly when alcohol is involved, the perception of events gets skewed and people get accused of things they did not do. It is not surprising that people who are not in fact guilty of what is being charged against them find themselves in the legal system.

In many cases, it might be as simple as the police and/or prosecution overcharging someone. In other words, the person may be guilty of some level of offense, but the authorities are overcharging to pursue a felony when it is really a misdemeanor.

In fraud cases, sometimes the accused person made an honest mistake, but law enforcement is assuming the person intended to profit from unlawful activity. Take your first step in preparing your defense by contacting a DC criminal lawyer today.

Importance of A DC Criminal Lawyer

A criminal lawyer is needed to advise people on the common criminal charges they may be facing in Washington DC and protect their interests. Whether the person is, in fact, innocent or guilty of some offense, navigating the criminal justice system is extremely difficult and without the experience of a DC criminal lawyer, the person risks major missteps along the way. This starts as early as when an accusation is made before any kind of arrest or prosecution has begun.

It is critical that anyone facing any type of criminal allegation seek the assistance of a DC criminal defense attorney immediately to make sure that they are making the correct decisions as to what they should and should not do. Otherwise, they may face very serious charges and may put themselves in a worse position.

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