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DC Illegal Firearm Modification Lawyer

The gun laws in DC can be extremely intricate and complex to comprehend fully. This is especially true for gun modifications. An illegal firearm modification, according to D.C. law, varies because the district has different types of gun modifications that are unlawful. As a result, if a gun owner decides to modify their weapon, they could be in violation of the law.

If you have been charged with illegally changing your gun, you should speak with a DC illegal firearm modification lawyer. An experienced gun attorney  could review your case and determine which modifications, if any, break the law.

Types of Illegal Gun Modifications

Various complicated statutes prohibit certain gun alterations such as changing the firing mechanism of a weapon. The most common illegal modification made is when a firearm owner turns a semi-automatic weapon into an automatic weapon. When a gun holder pulls the trigger on a semi-automatic weapon, they fire only one bullet and then it automatically reloads. There are no manual steps necessary to reload the weapon and renders the firearm able to re-fire. When someone uses an automatic weapon, they could pull the trigger and unleash a string of bullets until they let go of the trigger. It is illegal to possess a weapon like this in DC.

There also are rules surrounding the barrel length for rifles and shotguns. There are specific requirements as to the minimum length of a barrel for a shotgun or rifle. When someone cuts off part of the barrel of a rifle or shotgun to make it shorter, this is unlawful. Silencers and other mechanisms designed to suppress the sound of discharge of the firearm are also illegal.

Another common unlawful modification occurs when a gun owner increases the capacity of their weapon’s magazine. Modifications or accessories that allow firearms to operate with a large capacity of more than ten bullets are unlawful.

Firearm holders may not make any cosmetic modifications to their weapon as well. For instance, a gun cannot be modified to imitate a toy weapon, but camouflages or other decorative enhancements may be within the law. Other lawful changes to a weapon may be adding certain types of scopes, handles, and grips. Also, it may be lawful to attach stands during the use of the firearm.

Due to the expansive list of illegal gun modifications, someone may not realize they are acting outside of the law when altering their firearm. If someone wants to learn more about different types of illegal gun alterations, they should contact a DC illegal firearm modification attorney for more information.

Charges Associated with Illegal Gun Alterations

An illegal firearm modification conviction could constitute possession of an unlawful weapon. These actions also could result in ma possession of a dangerous weapon charge. The penalties may vary depending on how law enforcement charges someone for unlawfully changing their weapon. The maximum penalties for these charges range from three years to ten years.

Defense Strategies

There are various defenses that an attorney can use against an unlawful firearm modification charge. Each defense depends on the facts of the case, such as whether the person is in possession of a firearm. Often for cases like this, it depends on the exact nature of the modification that is in question. The more common defenses strategies do not go into the details of the alleged modification but try to show that the person did not have the weapon at all. A seasoned illegal gun modification lawyer in DC could examine a person’s case to determine which strategy may be best for their case.

The Role of An Attorney

A legal professional could help in an illegal modification case because they may be familiar with the different tools and resources that exist that could help a defendant build an argument. An experienced attorney also could investigate any procedural violations or technical issues that could have any charges, or the entire case dismissed.

A major part of an attorney’s job is seeking a resolution or potential resolution before trial, negotiating with the prosecutor, and using some of that information to leverage preferential treatment from the prosecutor. This could be in the form of a favorable plea offer, a diversion program, or information to offer that could result in leniency in sentencing. These outcomes depend on many different, including the strength of the prosecutor’s case, the defendant’s personal history and characteristics, and the desired outcome for the accused.

A skilled defense attorney can use their resources, familiarity with the prosecutor and the judge, and the legal procedures to devise a strategy to get the best possible outcome for the defendant.

Contact a DC Illegal Firearm Modification Attorney

The specific nuances surrounding DC gun laws can be difficult to understand without help from a legal professional. As a result, if you have been charged with unlawfully altering your gun, you should seek guidance from a DC illegal firearm modification lawyer immediately. Contact our office for a free consultation and to get started on your case.

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