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Common DC Gun Charges

Currently, DC is working on laws that allow someone to carry firearms outside of their home or place of business. Doing so without the proper licensing or being in possession of a firearm without the required registration is the most common way a person can find themselves facing criminal charges. Learning more about the common DC gun charges from an established firearm attorney could be helpful for your case.

Defining Common Firearm Offenses

There are many common DC gun charges that relate to possession offenses. The most common DC firearms charges are:

  • Carrying a pistol without license
  • Unlawful possession of unregistered firearm
  • Unlawful possession of unregistered ammunition

Some of these are felony charges, some are misdemeanors.

What are the Firearm Carrying Laws in DC?

Carrying a pistol or being in possession of a firearm is the most common way a person can be charged when they do not have a pistol license or the proper registration for any kind of firearm in DC.

A person may have a concealed carry permit in another state and brings that firearm into Washington, DC, or has a firearm in Washington, DC that is not registered and not licensed.

The Metropolitan Police Department is responsible for registering firearms in the District so that a person can be in possession of a firearm in their home or their place of business. Licensing allows the person to carry a firearm outside of their home or place of business.

Defining Most Common Gun Charges in DC

The most common DC gun charges typically involve unlawful possession or carrying of a firearm or its ammunition. Criminal charges related to unlawful possession of firearms by a person with a previous felony conviction on their record are also common.

Under DC law, if a person was previously convicted of a felony elsewhere, they are not permitted to be in possession of any kind of firearm in their home or outside of their home. That also applies when someone has a ban for prior domestic violence convictions on their record, although that ban is limited to the five years after the conviction.

What is the Likelihood of Being Charged with Other Criminal Offenses Along With the Gun Charge?

When a person is charged with a gun offense, it is not uncommon for them to be charged with several offenses at the same time.

If someone is arrested for illegally carrying a pistol in DC, they can be charged with a felony offense of carrying a pistol without the proper licensing.

In addition to being charged with that felony offense, someone could also be charged with a misdemeanor offense of possessing an unregistered firearm outside of their home or place of business.

Understanding the Severity of a Firearm and Drug Criminal Case

If a person is found to be in possession of a firearm and is also in possession of an amount of drugs that suggests the person has the intent to distribute or sell those drugs as opposed to having them for personal possession, that person can be charged with multiple levels of offenses.

That can include unlawful possession of a firearm which is a felony and possession with the intent to distribute a controlled substance. They can also be charged with a number of very serious felonies such as possession of a firearm during a crime of violence.

Since possession with intent to distribute or sell drugs is considered a dangerous offense under DC law, possessing a firearm at the same time could also result in a serious level of felony. If you have been charged with severe penalties in your firearm case, it could be critical to discuss possible defenses for common DC gun charges with an attorney.

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