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DC Possession of a Firearm by a Felon Lawyer

DC has a statute that makes it illegal or unlawful for certain people to possess a gun or a firearm. People who are ineligible to own a gun may fall into a few different categories. The law prohibits anybody who has a prior conviction for a crime punishable by a term of greater from possessing a firearm. Generally, that means anybody with any prior felony conviction. Even if a felon was convicted and did not receive jail time, this conviction would count under the statue, and they would be disqualified from possessing a firearm in D.C.

There are a few other types of criminal histories or backgrounds that could prevent a person from possessing a firearm. If someone is a fugitive from justice, this means that the person has an open warrant in some jurisdiction and therefore can be prohibited from possessing a firearm. Also, if someone is subject to a court order, such as a protective order or domestic violence order, this could prevent them from owning a gun. If you believe that you fall into any of these categories and you own a gun, you should contact a DC possession of a firearm by a felon lawyer as soon as possible. An experienced gun attorney could help you build a defense.

Penalty Enhancements for Owning a Gun as a Felon

The penalty enhancements applied if a felon illegally possesses a firearm are a maximum of ten years in jail and a mandatory minimum of one year in prison. Someone who has no criminal record and possesses a gun without proper registration may be facing up to a year in jail, while someone in the same situation with a felony conviction may be looking at the maximum of ten years in jail with a mandatory minimum of one year.

An experienced DC possession of a firearm by a felon attorney understands the severity of these enhancements and could work with a defendant to obtain the positive outcome given their circumstances.

Penalties for Unlawful Transportation of a Firearm by a Felon

The penalties for unlawful transportation of a firearm by a convicted felon is, in addition to unlawful possession charges, a maximum sentence of ten years in jail. This person could also face penalties for unlawful transportation. Also, having a felony conviction could add additional enhancements to the person’s sentence.

A skilled DC possession of a gun by a felon lawyer knows how to navigate the specific nuances and challenges of these types of cases and could use these skills to help defend a convicted felon in court.

Contact a DC Possession of a Firearm by a Felon Attorney

Someone who has a criminal history may lose certain rights that others without these charges still obtain. One of these rights is the right to own a gun. When a convicted felony illegally possesses a firearm, they could face jail time and other serious consequences. As a result, if you are a convicted felon charged with owning a gun, you should contact a DC possession of a firearm lawyer for help building a case.

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