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Role of a DC Theft Attorney

The role of a DC theft attorney is to represent a defendant in court on all court dates and negotiate with the prosecutor. A skilled theft lawyer also could review any evidence provided by the prosecutor, ensure that the government complies with all of its obligations under the rules of evidence, and collect all of the necessary evidence. Finally, an aggressive defense lawyer can hire or deploy investigators to conduct their own investigation and try to develop evidence on behalf of the defendant. If you are facing theft charges, contact an accomplished criminal attorney today.

When to Contact a Lawyer

If law enforcement charges someone with theft, they should contact a lawyer immediately because the earlier a legal professional is involved, the better-situated an alleged offender may be to develop a strategy and get the best possible outcome. If someone is under investigation for an alleged theft or the police has sought out this individual for questioning, they should consult with an attorney who can provide advice on how to proceed before they speak with any law enforcement.

Even if law enforcement has not contacted this individual, but suspects they are under investigation or have the concern of being investigated, they can contact a lawyer. The role of a theft attorney in DC may include having a confidential consultation with the accused, assessing their situation, and advising this person as to what their exposure may be to criminal liability. After an initial consultation, legal counsel could recommend how to proceed and what options an alleged thief may have.

What Type of Support Can a Theft Lawyer Provide?

An attorney could provide legal support by advising and representing an accused individual throughout the criminal process, negotiating with the prosecutor, and filing motions and other paperwork to fight the charges. A lawyer also plays the role of a personal support system by being available to answer questions and offer guidance to the alleged offender.

If the accused has questions about how a charge may affect their job, their family or their immigration status, a lawyer can provide answers, or they can show this individual to other resources if an attorney cannot directly answer a question.

Contact a Legal Professional to Discuss the Role of a Theft Attorney in DC

The role of a DC theft attorney is to counsel and advise an alleged offender, answer any of their questions, offer an analysis of their case, discuss strategy, and offer any recommendations on how to proceed. If a defendant is facing a trial, accepting a plea offer, or seeking an official resolution, an attorney could offer advice on all of these matters.

If an alleged offender has any concerns about their employment or family, a legal professional can try to assist in those areas as well or direct this individual to other third parties who may be better-situated to assist them. For all of these reasons and more, if you have been charged with theft, you should speak with an experienced attorney. Call today to schedule a free case consultation.

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