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DC Robbery Lawyer

Being accused of theft or robbery can be intimidating, especially when unfounded. Therefore, it can be critical to better comprehend the risks of the charges against you. Robbery is taking property directly from another person’s possession and using physical force or violence in order to take it.

It is essential to hire a distinguished theft attorney to better understand the severity of the crime you have been accused of. A DC robbery lawyer could help develop a strong defense in facing these charges.

How Might Robbery be Charged in DC?

Robbery is different from theft in that this crime requires proof that the person used force or violence in taking something of value from another person’s immediate possession. Theft does not require taking property out of another person’s immediate possession and it also does not require the use of physical force or violence. A robbery offense is any instance where someone uses force or violence to take something of value from another person’s immediate possession. This offense is punishable by a mandatory minimum of two years in jail, but cannot be greater than 15 years. A fine may also follow a conviction, but it cannot exceed $37,500. Armed robbery requires a person to commit robbery with a firearm or other dangerous weapon, which increases the potential punishment to 30 years in prison. 

Attempted robbery involves an overt act on behalf of the person that shows the intent to forcefully or violently take property from another person’s immediate possession.  An attempt to commit robbery is punishable by a maximum of three years in prison, a $12,500 fine, or both. An attempted robbery is where someone unsuccessfully commits acts in order to deprive someone else of their own property. A lawyer in DC could help someone accused of any type of robbery.

Investigating Robbery Accusations

An attorney looks for several things during the first interview after a person is charged with stealing another person’s property. The DC lawyer gathers any information or documentation the person may have to show that they were not at the location of the robbery when the robbery occurred. This may include names of people the person was with at the time, who would be able to provide testimony down the road if the case goes to a trial.

Why it is Important to Speak with a DC Robbery Attorney

The benefit of having legal counsel by your side is that they can help you better understand the severity of the charges against you. With an attorney’s help, you can investigate the accusations and the prosecution’s case against you.

An attorney can gain information about the person’s relationship, if any, with the complainant. This may help a lawyer begin to develop a bias or credibility argument with respect to the complaining witness.

When planning a defense strategy, a DC robbery lawyer considers the time of day, weather conditions, or any other circumstances that may have made it difficult for witnesses or the alleged victim to identify the accused.

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