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DC Prescription Drug Lawyer

Being charged with an offense for carrying or otherwise possessing an illicit substance can be frightening and overwhelming, possibly resulting in heavy fines and jail time. However, certain substances that legal when prescribed can quickly become illegal if a person does not have the proper prescription.

If you were charged with possessing a medication or substance without the proper doctor’s allowance, consider contacting a DC prescription drug lawyer. A dedicated and skilled attorney

Understanding Prescription Drug Offenses

The severity of a prescription drug charge naturally depends on a number of factors, such as the quantity of the substance in question. For example, if a defendant is found to have a large number of certain prescription substances, a charge will usually be brought to Federal court. Furthermore, many cases involving prescription drugs are often associated with an allegation of a fraudulent prescription, which is treated very seriously in DC.

Often, these charges are a priority for law enforcement, as they are often leveled against doctors or pharmacists. If a medical professional is convicted they may face the requisite fines and prison time, as well as the damaged integrity of their medical establishment.

A non-medical professional could theoretically be arrested for possession of a prescription drug without a valid prescription. However, these cases are not usually tried in Federal court. Furthermore, when a person is accused of illegally possessing a drug that requires a prescription, but they subsequently produce the prescription to law enforcement or a prosecutor through their attorney,  these charges may be dropped.

Evidence in DC Prescription Medicine Charges

The evidence considered in a case for a prescription drug offense will vary based on the circumstances. In large-scale prescription fraud cases, evidence may include the computer records from pharmacies or doctors’ offices related to the filing of prescription, as well as the law books that are required to be filled out by pharmacists to ensure controlled prescription drugs are handled legally.

For cases involving illegal possession of prescription medication, the evidence may be found during a search of a defendant’s car. The discovery of these substances may be tangential to another case, however. For example, if a person is pulled over under suspicion of inebriated driving, a prescription medication may be found without a valid prescription. Due to the nuances of how each charge is approached, anyone charged with a prescription drug violation may benefit from the counsel and skill of a DC lawyer.

How a DC Prescription Drug Attorney Might Help

If you were charged with forging or over-prescribing prescription drugs—or for simply possessing a prescription substance without the requisite prescription—you may feel overwhelmed and unsure of how to proceed. However, instead of trying to navigate these allegations alone, consider reaching out to a DC prescription drug lawyer.

A case regarding prescription medication often requires the analysis of thousands of medical records and other information, such as phone and computer searches and forensic data. By retaining a seasoned attorney, you could rest assured knowing a legal professional is on your side. To discuss your case, call today.

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