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Maryland Domestic Violence Lawyer

Facing charges of domestic violence can be frightening and overwhelming. Additionally, being convicted of a domestic abuse offense could have a negative impact on child custody issues and employment opportunities. A Maryland domestic violence lawyer could help you fight these charges and work to obtain the best possible legal outcome.

Trying to fight domestic violence charges on your own can be extremely challenging. A lawyer who is well-versed in criminal and family law could provide the legal knowledge needed to prepare an appropriate defense to the charges. Rather than face charges of family violence alone, let a criminal defense attorney assist you.

The Role of Your Domestic Violence Attorney

A Maryland attorney could help a person facing domestic abuse charges in several ways. An attorney could answer questions, provide legal representation, and prepare an appropriate defense strategy. An attorney could also advocate for a person facing charges by fighting for that person’s due process rights, as well as for an optimal legal resolution.

What is Domestic Violence?

The law defines domestic violence as a form of abuse committed against a spouse, significant other, or cohabitant residing in the same residence as the accused individual. Laws prohibiting domestic abuse are covered under the family law section of the Maryland code. Some examples of prohibited acts constituting domestic violence that can result in criminal charges include:

Household violence laws in Maryland also allow alleged victims to obtain a protective order against an accused individual. It is important that anyone charged with domestic violence also respect a protective order, if one is issued. Violating a protective order could result in additional criminal charges. A Maryland attorney could answer specific questions about family violence laws and protective orders, as well as explain the possible penalties for a conviction or for violating a protective order.

What are the Penalties for a Domestic Violence Conviction in Maryland?

The penalties for domestic abuse offenses in Maryland vary depending on the specific offense for which a person was convicted, as a diligent attorney could further explain. Convictions for felony domestic violence offenses in the first or second degree are the most serious and carry the most severe legal sanctions.

For instance, a conviction for first-degree assault is punishable by a prison term of 25 years or less and a fine, while a conviction for second-degree assault is punishable by a prison term of 10 years or less and a fine.

Penalties can also be imposed against individuals found guilty of violating a domestic violence protective order. A person found guilty of violating a protective order could be sanctioned with a 90-day term of imprisonment and a $1,000 fine, for a first offense. Additional violations of domestic violence protective orders could result in a lengthier term of imprisonment and a heftier fine.

Work with a Maryland Domestic Violence Attorney Today

Do not try fighting household abuse charges on your own. Domestic violence laws can be difficult to understand and the legal system is not always easy to navigate by one’s self. A lawyer could help you navigate the legal system and work with you to prepare an appropriate defense strategy.

A lawyer could also ensure your rights are protected during all legal proceedings, while also fighting to obtain the best possible legal outcome for you. Call a Maryland domestic violence lawyer for assistance today.

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