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Maryland Gun Lawyer

Gun violence is a significant concern across the country and as a result gun possession violations are taken extremely serious. If you were charged with any type of firearm offense, contact a relentless Maryland gun lawyer. They could examine the factors that contributed to the incident and work to identify potential legal options. Call a persistent criminal defense attorney and schedule an appointment to begin developing a comprehensive defense strategy.

Public Reception of Firearm Offenses

In both a political and legal sense, treats gun violations as serious offenses. The state legislature strictly regulates firearm usage in an attempt to reduce the potential of harm that a firearm could pose. When used improperly or illegally obtained, guns have the potential to cause extensive loss of life and inflict significant bodily damage. In recognition of this danger, Maryland has implemented a complicated regulatory regime in an attempt to preserve safety in society.

Common Gun Violations

There are many different types of gun charges. The most common involve the illegal transportation or possession of a firearm. Even if a person has a valid permit and legally owns a firearm, they cannot always put it in their car and drive anywhere they want. When a person takes a legally registered and obtained gun outside their home, they typically are subject to a variety of regulations.

Another common weapons charge is the failure to register. In many cases, a person simply forgets to register as a gun owner. In Maryland, it is important to keep registration up to date. Forgetting to maintain registration could put a person at risk for incurring a gun registration violation. Legal penalties for such an offense can be severe. A person who was arrested and charged with a gun offense should meet with a skilled Maryland lawyer immediately.

Transporting a Firearm

When a person who legally owns a firearm removes it from their home, they typically are subject to complying with transportation regulations. The gun has to be taken apart and cannot be loaded with ammunition. The ammunition needs to be stored in a separate locked container. A best practice is to put the weapon and locked container of ammunition in the truck and away from the driver’s compartment.

Furthermore, a person cannot take a firearm wherever they choose to go. There are strict regulations that dictate where guns are prohibited. For example, while a person may take their legally obtained and registered firearm to a gun range, they typically cannot take it into a shopping mall. These types of regulations may apply to gun owners even if they are merely passing through Maryland from one outside jurisdiction to another. When a person is in Maryland, they are required to follow the state’s protocols including those regarding firearm possession.

Potential Penalties for Firearm Offenses

Maryland abides by comprehensive gun regulations and violating them could result in significant penalties. While legal consequences for a firearm violation often depend upon each incident’s unique factors, one of the most extensive penalties that a person may receive for a gun charge is up to 20 years in prison. This serious penalty does not include potential enhancements that can come from allegedly using a gun in another crime. Due to the potential for severe penalties, a person facing any type of gun-related charge is strongly encouraged to speak with a Maryland lawyer.

Long-Term Repercussions

The legal penalties for a gun offense can directly affect a person’s livelihood for the rest of their lives. A long prison term is only one of the many consequences that a convicted person may face. Other repercussions may include:

  • A long period of probation in addition to any period of incarceration
  • A permanent guilty conviction on their record that cannot be expunged
  • Exclusion from gainful employment opportunities
  • Inability to obtain certain professional licenses or certifications
  • Ineligibility of receiving certain government benefits
  • Extremely expensive fines

Consulting a Gun Attorney in Maryland

If you were arrested for a gun violation, it is important to secure competent and aggressive legal counsel to help refute the charge. Convictions for any gun charge could result in extremely serious legal penalties. Call and schedule a consultation with a Maryland gun lawyer to begin identifying legal strategies that may be effective for your case.

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