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Building a DC Drug Possession Defense

Facing criminal charges for possessing or carrying an illicit substance may be frightening and overwhelming. With the potential penalties being severe, it is important for anyone accused of a drug offense to understand their legal rights and consider how to best proceed.

If you were charged with or accused of drug possession, you may benefit from reaching out to a seasoned and knowledgeable lawyer to discussing building a DC drug possession defense. A dedicated drug possession attorney could explain your legal options and work tirelessly to build a persuasive defense on your behalf.

What People Should Know About Possession Laws for a Defense

People should know that charges for possession of an illicit substance are often serious. In many cases, however, there may be an opportunity to obtain a diversion that allows a charge to be dismissed.

This may happen in the event that a first-time offender successfully completes their probationary period. Because of this, it may be essential to have a seasoned drug attorney on their side in order to thoroughly investigate each element of a case.

Mistakes to Avoid in When Building a Defense For Possession

One mistake an accused individual should avoid is believing that their case should not be investigated thoroughly and aggressively with the help of a legal professional. While this may not feel like a priority for an accused individual, there are certain Fourth Amendment and other constitutional issues that may affect the legality of the prosecution’s approach.

Furthermore, it may be important to investigate opportunities to obtain an early exit from a case through a diversion, as mentioned above. However, this requires obtaining background information about a defendant, as well as additional documentation in certain circumstances. Because of these nuances, an accused person may be helpful to have an attorney on their side to explain each step and the options that present themselves when building a DC drug possession defense.

How An Attorney Could Help Protect a Defendant’s Rights

Initially, a lawyer should know about the substances someone might be charged with, as well as the charges themselves. When the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) conducts an analysis of a substance to determine if it is considered a controlled substance, there may be issues with how this analysis was conducted. This may be challenged by an attorney on the defendant’s behalf.

Furthermore, the lawyer needs to understand—from a defendant’s perspective—if the defendant is addicted to a controlled substance. This is because there may be opportunities for diversion through a provision in the law that allows a conviction to be erased upon successful completion of probation. A conviction may even be erased through drug court when a person who was addicted successfully completes an appointed treatment program.

Before these sorts of steps can be taken toward building a defense for possession, however, it is essential that a dedicated DC lawyer thoroughly investigate a case. This includes looking into the circumstances of an arrest, interviewing any witnesses, and reviewing any video footage from a body cam, nearby camera, or security footage. Additionally, an attorney could utilize their knowledge of the search and seizure laws regarding a particular substance to determine if an arresting officer violated a defendant’s rights.

Call a Lawyer to Discuss Building a DC Drug Possession Defense

To increase the chance of success when building a DC drug possession defense, an accused individual may wish to contact an experienced lawyer as soon as possible. A tenacious attorney with knowledge of the law could work tirelessly to maximize the opportunities for a positive resolution based on the circumstances at hand.

If you were charged with possessing an illicit substance, you may wish to reach out to a lawyer to discuss your legal options. Instead of rushing into a defense on your own, let a legal professional stand by your side and work to protect your rights. To get started on your defense, call today.

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