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Revoked License After a DC DUI

A DC DUI lawyer can help you understand what it means to have your license revoked and the effect it can have on you regardless of whether you are a DC or out-of-state driver. Schedule a free consultation today to discuss your case in more detail.

Having a revoked license in DC means that you have completely lost your privilege to drive. If you are licensed in the District, you cannot drive in the district or anywhere else. If you are licensed in another state, the DC DMV can only revoke your driving privileges in the District. However, some states will honor the District’s revocation and revoke the driver’s license at home as well.

If you decide to drive while your license is revoked you can be arrested for an additional misdemeanor offense and have your revocation period extended.

When to Hire a Lawyer

You can hire an attorney at any point before the hearing. For example, if you schedule your hearing in six weeks after you were arrested, you can hire an attorney two days before the hearing. This is not recommended because it will not give an attorney that much time to become familiar with your case or prepare a defense. However, technically you can hire an attorney any time prior to the date of your hearing.

Driving in Another Jurisdiction after Having a DC License Revoked

If you hold a DC license and your license has been revoked then you cannot drive anywhere. If your privilege to drive in the District is revoked, but you are licensed in another state, then you can continue to drive in the other state or anywhere else in the country unless that other state chooses to also revoke your license. In this case, you would lose the privilege to drive completely.

Out-of-State Drivers and DC License Revocations

The DMV will treat an out-of-state driver the same as an in-state driver. The DC DMV has no jurisdiction or authority over an out of state driver’s license. All it can control is whether you will be permitted to drive in the District of Columbia. In the event that you are found liable, you will lose your privilege to drive in DC, but could continue to drive elsewhere until your home state chooses perhaps to revoke your license.

How An Attorney Can Help With Your Hearing

Hiring an attorney for your DMV hearing is important for a variety of reasons.

It can save you time. You do not have to schedule this hearing at the DMV and you do not need to spend time at the DMV hearing litigating the challenge.

  • The main benefit of hiring an attorney is getting the experience and the knowledge that the attorney has gathered over years of practice.
  • An attorney is familiar with DMV regulation.
  • An attorney is familiar with the process.
  • An attorney knows a lot about field sobriety and chemical testing and the manner in which the government will use evidence against you in administrative hearing and your criminal trial.

Consult with a Lawyer for a DMV Revocation Hearing

If you have been scheduled for a DMV revocation hearing, you should consult with a lawyer immediately. You should speak with an attorney about the DMV process and the criminal case.

If you are arrested and charged with the crime, you should obtain an attorney to defend you and help present your defense. If you are comfortable presenting your own defense that is always an option. However, by representing yourself, you give up the chance to have someone with the training and the experience that is required to have a successful outcome at the DMV or DC Superior Court.

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