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DC Federal Child Pornography Investigation Expectations

A person should understand what to expect in their DC federal child pornography investigation. When a criminal lawyer represents someone in a child pornography case, they conduct their own investigation. The lawyer looks for forensic evidence and may hire a forensic expert to look at the data accumulated by the government to search for additional data that could help the individual.

The lawyer talks to witnesses when there is an issue regarding whether someone had access to a computer. They may look at other types of records to show who had access to electronic devices. There are many different avenues to pursue during an investigation of a child pornography case. Talk to a professional attorney for more information.

Information Accessed by Lawyers

The information exchanged in a criminal case is governed by Fed. R. Crim. P. 16. In a child pornography case, the government must provide the forensic evidence they intend to use. The criminal lawyer hires an expert to look at the evidence at the law enforcement facility where it is being held. It is illegal to possess child pornography outside of a law enforcement facility so the expert goes to a law enforcement facility to examine it. That is how the system operates. The government does not have to provide witness names in a federal case until later on and close to the trial date unless the witness has information that tends to show the client did not participate in the activity.

Mistakes to Avoid When Being Investigated

The biggest mistake to avoid when someone is being investigated for child pornography charges is attempting to talk their way out of a charge. Talking to law enforcement is probably the biggest mistake. A lawyer would advise people to always remain silent when dealing with a law enforcement investigation. In a DC federal child pornography investigation, a person should expect their attorney to do most of the talking.

Unique Evidence

The evidence in a child pornography case is somewhat different because it is forensically based. It is based on electronic devices and includes online chats. The evidence is a product of the Internet and the digital era so that makes it different. Other than that, the case is similar to most other criminal cases in the sense that the lawyer must conduct their own investigations, prepare witnesses, and talks to people.

The investigative techniques are similar except for the addition of forensic techniques. It is important to note that child pornography cases can be prosecuted in state court, but they are more typically prosecuted in federal court. A person should expect digital evidence in a DC federal child pornography investigation.

Publicity of a Case

The most important thing someone should know about the publicity of a case before their first court date is that they should never talk to reporters when charged with a case. It is a bad idea to talk with reporters or other journalists about the case. Sometimes there is publicity about these cases when the individual is a public figure and that increases the likelihood that the media picks up on the story. The media usually does not pick up on these stories unless the person is famous.

Child Pornography and Travel

When someone is charged with child pornography and travel, they should expect that the government will most likely ask that they are held in jail. They should understand that the investigation and preparation of these cases is intense and far-reaching. Prosecutors are aggressive in prosecuting them. If you have further questions about DC federal child pornography investigation expectations, consult with an attorney.

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