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Federal DC Drug Cases

If you were charged with a federal drug-related offense in DC, you may be overwhelmed and unsure of how to proceed with a defense. Federal prosecutors and judges treat these cases extremely seriously, which means the resulting penalties for a conviction might be severe.

Because of this, you might benefit from the counsel of a skilled lawyer before proceeding. A dedicated attorney could help to explain your legal rights and options, assess your circumstances, and work tirelessly to get you the best outcome under the circumstances.

How Federal Drug Cases Are Investigated in DC

Often, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and the FBI work in tandem with local DC law enforcement when investigating a federal drug case. This is often done through a variety of techniques, including:

  • Listening to cellphone communications
  • Accessing a person’s text messages
  • Subpoenaing and viewing emails or other electronic communications
  • Subpoenaing bank records
  • Using confidential informants or undercover agents wearing recording devices
  • Using cooperating witnesses who also face charges to make a deal—these deals might further implicate a defendant, as well as lessen the potential charges for the witness

Common Mistakes During a Federal Drug Case

The most common mistake a person might make during the course of a federal drug investigation is to speak to law enforcement. Usually, there is no advantage to communicating with agents of the law while a person is under investigation. Instead, it is often advisable to remain quiet.

If, for example, an individual is arrested or approached by a law enforcement officer who asks to speak with them, they should politely decline and state that they want to consult with their lawyer first. However, some people make the mistake of believing that if they make statements, they might be able to simply talk their way out of a charge. However, at the point of arrest, there is simply no way to verbally get out of a charge.

Another common mistake involves an individual not contacting an attorney early enough in the ensuing legal process. Typically, it is advisable for a person accused of a charge or under investigation to contact a lawyer as soon as possible—this is especially true for drug charges on a federal scale.

The Long-Term Impact of a Federal Drug Conviction in DC

DC Federal Drug Charge LawyerDue to the severity of federal charges, there are many serious long-term implications for a drug conviction in DC. These stretch beyond the potential for a prison sentence and lengthy supervision after time has been served, and might also affect a person’s ability to rent an apartment, own a home, invest in the stock market, obtain certain government benefits, and own a firearm in the future.

Furthermore, one of the most impactful elements that might result from a conviction involves employment. Often, people convicted of felony drug charges have difficulty in obtaining a job due to the stigma of the mark on their record.

How A DC Attorney Might Help in a Federal Drug Case

A defense attorney might work to mitigate the severity of sentences in federal drug cases in numerous ways. For example, a lawyer might challenge the number of drugs that are claimed to be involved to try to get under the mandatory minimum sentence or demonstrate that an individual has no prior serious criminal convictions.

Furthermore, when a drug case is set to be resolved without a trial, there are additional ways a legal professional might be able to mitigate the potential sentence. No matter the circumstances, consider reaching out to a well-versed lawyer about each step of a federal DC drug case if you were charged with a drug-related offense. Call today to discuss your legal options further.

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