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Investigator Conduct in DC Federal Financial Crime Investigations

The United States Constitution protects a person who is facing a federal financial crime. The Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendments provide protections against illegal actions by the government and ensure due process and the rights of an individual.

The Constitution is the most powerful protection people have in this country against abuse of power by law enforcement agents at the federal and state levels. Because the District of Columbia does not have a state constitution, the U.S. Constitution provides the primary protection during a financial crime investigation. The constitutional protections help individuals against illegal investigator conduct in DC federal financial crime investigations. If you have concerns about an investigator’s behavior and how to protect your rights, reach out to an attorney. A seasoned lawyer who is experienced with federal financial crime investigations could assist you.

Can an Agent Contact the Subject of an Investigation Without Identifying Themselves?

An agent may contact the target of an investigation without revealing their identity. This may happen with an investigation is underway with a law enforcement agent acting in an undercover capacity, and the subject of the investigation has not retained an attorney. When the target of an investigation retains a lawyer, they cannot be contacted by law enforcement agents.

Usually, a person does not realize they are under investigation. Instead, they are contacted by a law enforcement agent who identifies themselves and attempts to interview them. Hopefully, the targeted individual politely declines to be interviewed and hires a seasoned attorney.

Protecting an Individual from Harassment From an Investigator

To prevent harassment by an investigator, a federal financial crimes attorney may call the agent involved to inform them that the attorney is representing the person and asserts the individual’s constitutional rights to silence and counsel. The lawyer advises the agent to not contact the person and may direct them to contact the attorney with any questions. From that point, the agents cannot contact the individual. The attorney may also send a letter explaining this to the agent and provide the subject of the investigation with a copy of the letter to carry with them at all times. If an agent attempts to contact the target of an investigation, they can show the letter t0 the agent without having to make any statements.

An Attorney Could Help Ensure the Appropriate of the Conduct

A federal financial crimes lawyer may help ensure the appropriate conduct of the investigator by performing the functions of an attorney, asserting the constitutional rights of the defendant, and making written requests on behalf of the individual such as filing pleadings for the return of property seized in a search warrant. Also, a lawyer could interact with prosecutors and agents to ensure that procedures are followed in a reasonable manner.

If you have any questions concerning investigator conduct in DC federal financial crime investigations, consult with a lawyer today. A well-versed legal professional could explain your rights and also protect your best interests throughout an investigation. Call today and set up a consultation.

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