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DC Federal Sex Crimes Investigations

DC federal sex crimes investigations can be encompassing and may involve seizing every electronic device a person has. The investigations can move quickly, so a person needs a lawyer who knows their job and can move as quickly as the investigation. If you have been charged with a federal sexual offense, consult an adept sex crimes lawyer that could advocate for you and help you navigate the investigation process.

How Sex Crimes Are Investigated

Law enforcement agencies make the decisions to investigate sex crimes. When federal sex crimes cases are investigated, they are usually forensic cases. The investigation of cyber cases uses records from computers, email, and sometimes undercover agents working online.

A state’s attorney’s office may have a sex crimes unit. In addition, another division of the law enforcement, the FBI, and the Homeland Security may handle DC federal sex crimes investigations. The different inspector general offices of the federal agencies handle the investigations that take place in the workplace.

Evidence in Sex Crimes Investigations

When law enforcement agencies get a tip or conduct their own monitoring of the internet, sometimes they get evidence that an image is being downloaded. They can tell that the image might be an image of child pornography by a hashtag which is a digital label on the image.

Some hashtags are just known as child photographic images. Administrative subpoenas can be used to get IP addresses and the identifying information for people that may be at the address to generate enough information to get a search warrant.

How the Investigation of Sex Crimes Differs From Other Cases

DC federal sex crimes investigations are common prior to an arrest in sex crime cases. It would be difficult to arrest someone without an investigation. The investigation of sex crime cases is different because many of these federal cases are related to alleged online activity or activity on a computer.

Computer forensic work might include online tips given by organizations such as websites or watchdog agencies that monitor online activities involving the downloading of child pornography. A search warrant could be granted as a result of tips generated by watchdog organizations or based on the investigation done by law enforcement agents who are online to patrol and gather information online. Sex crime cases require a cyber investigation and the accusations are of cyber-crimes.

Value of a DC Sex Crimes Attorney

It is important to work with an experienced federal sex crimes lawyer because the investigation of the federal sex crime involves the intersection of forensics and criminal investigation. The defense lawyer should be familiar with computer forensics. A person needs a lawyer who stays current with technology, the investigative techniques used by law enforcement, and the law. An individual also needs an attorney that could devote the time and resources necessary to build a solid defense for them. Those who have been charged with sexual offenses should consult a capable attorney that could answer any questions that they may have about DC federal sex crimes investigations.

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