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DC Driver Point System

If a person is found liable for a moving violation following an administrative hearing—by paying the ticket and admitting liability or failing to pay a ticket within the required time period—the DMV will assess points to that individual’s driving record.

Any moving violation received comes with at least two points that will automatically be assessed to the driver’s record when the violation is paid and not contested. Due to the penalties that can result from these points, such as license suspension or revocation, it is important not to  receive any points on one’s record. For this reason even a minor infraction may make consulting with a DC traffic lawyer worthwhile.

Demerit Points Basics

The DMV has a point system, which will determine the amount of points that are associated with each moving violation that is received. If received these points will stay on an individuals license for two years, and can carry a wide variety of consequences including an increase in insurance rates, license suspension, and even loss of employment if the individual charged is a commercial driver.

What Happens If Too Many Points Are Accumulated?

If someone accumulates too many points, their DC driver’s license may be suspended or revoked. If they accumulate 10 to 11 points, their driver’s license will be suspended for 90 days. If they accumulate 12 or more points, their driver’s license will be revoked for at least six months and will continue until they go through and completes the reinstatement process.

Long Term Consequences

Having a considerable amount of points on one’s driver’s record will likely result in an insurance company raising premiums or possibly dropping that person altogether. This may impact someone’s ability to drive in DC even after they are officially reinstated. As a result it is important to fight to offense right at the source by consulting with an attorney and challenging the offense in court.

How a Traffic Lawyer Can Help

A DC traffic lawyer will help contest tickets by requesting an administrative hearing and appearing on an individual’s behalf. A lawyer may be able to get a reduction of the fine and the points, a waiver of all of the points associated with the ticket, or the ticket dismissed altogether.

Many individuals do not realize that they have the opportunity to request that the hearing examiner waive the points that are associated with the moving violation ticket. A DC traffic lawyer may be able to provide the hearing examiner with a thorough explanation as to why a person committed the moving violation and will be able to get a person the most favorable result.

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