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When Should I Contact a DC White Collar Criminal Lawyer?

DC federal white collar attorney David Benowitz answers questions about his white collar criminal defense practice and when an individual should contact a white collar criminal attorney.

When Should You Call a White Collar Criminal Defense Attorney?

David Benowitz: As soon as the person has an inkling that they might be under investigation, they should contact an attorney. The most important thing is that before they contact an attorney, when they have that first inkling, they shouldn’t talk to anybody, specifically any law enforcement agent. What is important to remember is that I’ve seen plenty of cases where the government does an investigation and they turn up no evidence of wrongdoing, so instead they charge a person with making false statements to a law enforcement agent.

Even if the person is not charged with doing anything substantively wrong, they can be charged with making false statements to a law enforcement agent. Typically an agency will do that when they’ve got nothing and they’re embarrassed, so it’s important not to talk to anybody. If your company receives a subpoena, call a lawyer. If a law enforcement agent contacts your bank and your bank tells you that they’ve been contacted about something related to you, call a lawyer. Don’t talk to anybody else, that’s the main thing a person should do.

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