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Fairfax Prostitution Lawyer

Criminal cases of a sexual nature involve some of the most personal and sensitive charges a person can face, including the charge of prostitution. A Fairfax prostitution lawyer has a unique understanding of the stress and sense of violation that many clients experience under these circumstances. By working with an experienced defense attorney, you can give yourself the resources and representation necessary to move past your charges as smoothly as possible. En Español.

Working with a Prostitution Attorney in Fairfax

It is not possible to guarantee an outcome when it comes to legal matters, but by working with a Fairfax prostitution lawyer you can ensure that you understand all your options. An attorney with our firm can investigate the events surrounding your case in an effort to develop a strong defense strategy, should you decide to fight the charges in court. Other benefits of working with a defense lawyer in Fairfax include:

  • Skilled negotiation with the prosecution, should you pursue a plea bargain
  • Advanced preparation for any court appearances
  • The support of an advocate and defender at any court appearances
  • The investigative resources of a private criminal defense firm

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Prostitution in Virginia

Trading sexual favors, sexual contact, or intercourse for financial or other compensation is codified as a Class 1 misdemeanor, punishable by up to twelve months in jail and/or a maximum fine of $2500. As specified in the code:

In addition to the standard Class 1 misdemeanor penalties, a person convicted of prostitution must also be tested for STDs such as hepatitis C and HIV and must enroll in mandatory counseling and STD education.

By working with a Fairfax prostitution lawyer, you can formulate a defense plan designed to help you avoid these consequences.

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Solicitation of Prostitution

Similarly, the acquisition of or attempt to obtain sexual favors, sexual contact, or the like by means of paying another individual for services rendered carries with it a charge of Class 1 misdemeanor and is punishable by the same penalties as those who provide the sexual services.

According to this law, not only the act of prostitution but even the attempt is illegal. An offer to pay for services or to exchange sex for compensation falls into the realm of solicitation and carries the same charge as a Class 1 misdemeanor, whether or not any sexual contact occurs.

Regardless of whether you’ve been accused of solicitation or prostitution, a Fairfax prostitution attorney is equipped to represent and advise you throughout the legal process.

Defending Against Entrapment

Since contact is not required to bring about charges of prostitution, it is not uncommon for undercover police operations to target neighborhoods and hotels known for prostitution. Whether working undercover as prostitutes, posting fake advertisements, setting upfronts to lure solicitors or other such undercover sting maneuvers, police must follow careful procedures to avoid entrapment.

In cases of entrapment, a person is tricked, coerced, or induced to commit a crime that he or she was not likely to commit otherwise. Someone facing charges for a crime committed through entrapment has solid ground for defense. A seasoned Fairfax prostitution lawyer is aware of these and other viable defenses that can help to minimize or even eliminate the charges you face.

Prostitution Felonies

Some charges associated with prostitution are classified more severely as felony charges. Pandering, which is more commonly known as “pimping” and human trafficking are addressed from Section 18.2-355 through 18.2-357. By taking or detaining a person for purposes of prostitution, receiving money for placing a person in a place or situation for the purposes of illegal sexual acts, or receiving money from the earnings of a prostitute, one faces Class 4 felony charges.

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Prostitution Defense in Fairfax, Virginia

If you have been accused of selling or soliciting sexual contact or attempting to do so and are facing prostitution or solicitation of prostitution charges, you can benefit from the counsel and representation of a Fairfax prostitution lawyer. Your legal counsel will act with discretion to advise you and help you build a defense to obtain the best possible outcome given the circumstances.

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