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Hiring a Maryland Underage DUI Attorney

When a minor is charged with an underage DUI case, hiring a Maryland underage DUI attorney could be crucial to building their defense. DUI cases for minors are taken very seriously in Maryland, and a conviction could have lifelong consequences on a minor. Given the stakes involved for accused individuals, it is advised they speak to a hard-working attorney to learn their rights. An accomplished defense lawyer could fight for you.

Questions a Defense Attorney May Ask a Minor Accused of Drunk Driving

When someone under the age of 18 is charged with a DUI, their attorney first determines what is going on with the child in the same manner as the judge and the prosecutor. The attorneys seek to learn:

  • Why was the minor was drinking?
  • What led to the minor to drink and drive?
  • Is it a social situation?
  • Is it a personal situation?

While not entirely uncommon, cases of minors drinking and driving are not the norm and are illegal. Contrary to an adult in a social situation that is not necessarily indicative of trouble with alcohol, it may be indicative of a more serious or longstanding problem.

The attorney could also ask whether drinking and driving happened before and whether it is a common occurrence, and typically seeks to identify the charges against the child. They try to identify whether the source of the issue was related to pressure from a peer group, the child’s family or home situation, or any other topic. The attorney tries to understand what led to the decision to drink and drive since this information could help them identify the child’s difficulties and determines how to address their problems.

Why Consult a Maryland Lawyer For Underage DUI Cases?

Hiring an attorney for an underage DUI case is important for a few reasons. While a minor does not have a criminal conviction on their permanent adult record, there could be serious consequences. Accused individuals could be detained and incarcerated in the juvenile detention facility. This may have dramatic consequences for a child’s progress in school, home life, social life, and psyche.

A DUI case is a complex process that involves many court dates and may be intimidating for the minor and their family. Hiring an underage DUI attorney in Maryland might encourage the child to discuss what prompted the behavior. A lawyer who has experience with the juvenile court system knows the resources available inside the court system and in the community.

The attorney could use the facts of the case and their knowledge to tailor a game plan suited to the specific needs of the defendant and could work with the court system to get a positive legal outcome. A defense lawyer may be able to help the child and their family recognize and tackle their problems, handle the legal court case, and set the child on a course correction to ensure that something like this does not happen again.

Legal Counsel Could Help Minors Who are Charged for As Adults

A minor charged as an adult in adult court faces up to one year in jail in Maryland. Adult convictions could have serious consequences for the individual’s education, family, and personal life. When a minor is involved with the court system, it may have negative effects in their future.

It is recommended for the parents to hire a lawyer who could serve the minor’s best interests. A local attorney may know the judges and the prosecutors and could be familiar with how to assess the facts of the case and evaluate the accused individual’s personal situation. The lawyer may be able to investigate the individual’s background to identify their issues and specific needs and could develop the most effective strategy to serve the defendant’s interests within the court system and outside of the court system. The attorney might also be able to work to protect the accused person from ongoing consequences of a DUI conviction and ensure that their involvement with the court system does not precipitate future involvement with the court system.

Consider Hiring a Maryland Underage DUI Attorney

An attorney could defend the child against the charges and assist them in a legal capacity to go to court and obtain the best possible outcome in the case. They could work in and out of the court system to set the minor up with programs, resources, or classes. The parents may wish for their child to go an outpatient program or there may be a need for an inpatient program.

After hiring a Maryland attorney for DUI cases involving minors, the lawyer could work with the family to determine the child’s needs and the most appropriate way to serve those needs. In certain cases, this could occur through the court system. In others, it may be best to minimize the court’s involvement.

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