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How a Chantilly DUI Affects Employment

A DUI offense and conviction can have a serious impact on your employment. Even being charged but not convicted can have a negative effect on your employment. A DUI charge is taken seriously, as it could involve substance abuse, which has a social stigma around it that employers look down upon in that they could look at it as though you have a problem.

This DUI charge creates a situation where you are not able to control your use of a substance and because of that you could be assumed to be unreliable or somebody who is not trustworthy at work. This can have a negative effect on your current employment. If you are concerned about how a Chantilly DUI will affect your employment, you should employ a Chantilly DUI attorney, who can build a defense for your charges.


A lot of employers will wait to see what the outcome is of someone’s DUI case before it creates an impact. If someone has any kind of job that has driving related activities a part of their job duties, this is going to cause a larger impact, because it might make them ineligible for that job. Employers might put them on an administrative leave or wait to see the outcome of the case. If someone is applying for any kind of job involving driving, this might disqualify them.

If someone is then convicted and they have to take more time off for their therapy courses, and they do have this as part of their record of a suspended license, they might actually lose their job. Even if they get a restricted license to drive to and from work, if they drive as part of their job, they are not going to get a restricted license to allow them to drive around for the course of their job. That is not something that is guaranteed by the Court and it is not something that many judges are inclined to consider in Fairfax Country.

If a potential employer sees a DUI on someone’s record, it is going to negatively impact their potential of getting that job depending on the type of job. It might actually disqualify them completely. If there is a candidate who does not have a misdemeanor offense involving alcohol or substance abuse on their record, which is what a DUI is considered by most employers, the other person is most likely going to get the job over someone with a DUI.

Time Away From Work

The biggest problem with getting a DUI offense, as far as the impact on employment in Chantilly goes, is the fact that, the significant amount of time that someone has to take away from work to leave early to go to these classes. If someone has to go in for a urinalysis or some other kind of intensive treatment, that is going to take time away from work as well. If they work non-traditional hours or they work late, it is going to almost be out of the question for them to be able to successfully complete treatment or education classes and maintain their work schedule.

The immediate impact on someone’s current job in Chantilly is going to be problematic, but then looking toward the future on a future employer, seeing somebody who has a DUI on their record predisposes future employers to think negatively about that candidate.

Background Checks

Employers in nearby DC frequently run background checks, because of the sensitive nature of most jobs in DC. Someone’s future employers are going to be running background checks because of the potential clearance requirements. There is a huge potential for a background check to be done just because if someone is coming into contact with any kind of government agency or government contracting or anybody that does work for one of those groups. Then they are going to need to have a background check because they might be dealing with sensitive information. Having a criminal offense on someone’s record, especially a DUI, might disqualify them from a lot of the jobs in DC.

Explaining a Record

If you are already employed, getting a DUI conviction could have the potential of getting you into trouble, but it will depend on what your job entails, what the requirements are of your job. If your job involves driving and what your contract is with your employer. The only certain way to know whether or not it will impact your job is to talk to somebody in HR about the effects that it could have on you and the effects that it could potentially have on your job.

You might not always have a chance to explain your DUI record to a future employer or to somebody who sees it and then rejects you from a job because of it. Unfortunately, jobs in high demand may have many applicants that do not have DUI misdemeanor offenses and that could deny people simply based on that person’s record. A Chantilly DUI lawyer and a proper defense are essential to lessen that possibility.

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