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DC Federal Human Trafficking Pleas

There are two different kinds of DC federal human trafficking pleas an individual could enter in a case. These two pleas are guilty and not guilty. At the initial stages of the case, the defendant should always plead not guilty to the charges. After an investigation of the case is conducted and the evidence is evaluated, a decision will be made on whether to continue with a not guilty plea and go to trial or resolve the case before trial. Someone could resolve the case before trial by pleading guilty or by attempting to have the case dismissed.

If you have any questions about DC federal human trafficking pleas, consult with an experienced attorney. A seasoned human trafficking lawyer will keep your best interests in mind throughout the case.

Important Considerations Before Pleading Guilty

There are many important considerations to take before pleading guilty in a human trafficking case. When considering DC federal human trafficking pleas, defendants should always look at the risks versus the reward. Depending on the particular facts of the case, the evidence that the government could bring to bear in a particular case should be compared to what the government is offering. Most of the time, the prosecutor is going to make an offer to a defendant before the trial. Therefore, the question is what are the risks of going to trial, specifically if they are found guilty.

If the government’s case is relatively weak, they may make an offer to resolve the case with a small penalty. In this situation, the defendant should seriously consider a guilty plea because the risk is relatively low.

Deciding Whether to go to Trial

In certain situations, even if the government’s case is strong, the result from resolving the case may not differ much from the penalty the defendant would suffer if they lose to trial. In this case, the person has nothing to lose if they go to trial, so the advice may be that they should go to trial.

The decision of whether to go trial is always up to the defendant. Attorneys provide advice and recommendations. They try to provide the most comprehensive information possible so the person could make the best decision for their case.

Pleading Without the Presence of a Lawyer

An individual could plead without the presence of a lawyer at the initial stage in this type of case, however, it rarely happens. In fact, most judges will prevent this from happening. This is why it is essential to reach out to an experienced criminal defense lawyer. An attorney could review the facts of the case, see what the penalties may be, and fight for the defendant by building a strong defense.

Call to Learn More About DC Federal Human Trafficking Pleas

If you have any questions about DC federal human trafficking pleas, contact a dedicated and accomplished defense attorney. A lawyer could review your case and see what options you may have. They could advise you on what are good deals and what are not. A lawyer could also advocate on your behalf and defend you throughout the process.

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