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DC Federal Sex Trafficking Lawyer

Some people have the impression that sex trafficking is not dealt with harshly. However, this is not the case. When a person is convicted of sex trafficking, the penalties are extremely serious.

A DC federal sex trafficking lawyer could fight on your behalf if you have been charged with human trafficking for commercial sex. With how serious these charges are, there is not a moment to lose. Contact a skilled federal trafficking defense attorney to begin work on your case, and to clarify what your charge may mean.

Sex Trafficking vs. Human Trafficking

Sex trafficking is specifically related to the movement of people for the purposes of having them engage in commercial sex activities against their will. The most common sex trafficking victims are women from overseas who are lured to the United States with the promise of job opportunities.

Internet-based commercial sex is relatively common. In certain situations, the alleged victims are recruited over the Internet. Unfortunately, once they get here, they are coerced into prostitution.

Sex Trafficking vs. Other Commercial Sex

In sex trafficking, the trafficking element is the distinguishing factor. The trafficking relates to the coercion and the movement of the people who are being forced into performing sex acts. There is an overarching set of laws and specific laws that address sex trafficking. Detailed sex trafficking laws carry stiff penalties, but other statutes may come into play as well.

The commercial sexual exploitation of children is approached differently than adult sex trafficking. A case involving the commercial exploitation of children carries enhanced penalties.

Coercion and Force

Coercion and force will affect a sex trafficking case. Evidence may be introduced at a trial or during negotiations for a possible resolution, and these various factors can affect the severity of a potential penalty. The evidence may also affect how negotiations progress if there is an attempt to resolve the case without a trial.

What an Experienced Defense Lawyer May Do

In the early stages of a human trafficking investigation, an experienced defense lawyer could begin to examine the case against the person. They might talk to witnesses, gather documents, and use them to challenge an investigation. Coming into an investigation at the beginning could make a difference in the outcome.

Putting off contacting an attorney could negatively impact a person’s case. When someone does not contact a defense attorney and investigators show up at their house, the investigator might imply that if the person has nothing to hide, they should talk to the authorities. The person might try to explain the situation and make statements that could end up implicating them.

People try to talk their way out of charges all the time, and it is nearly always unsuccessful. If an investigator shows up at someone’s house with a search warrant, or they try to talk to the person, that is usually the last step before they are charged.

Not engaging a DC federal sex trafficking attorney at an early point could lead to the person making a statement to investigators that an attorney might advise against. When a lawyer is not engaged, a search warrant may be executed instead of a subpoena. A search warrant involves a team of agents coming to a home or place of business to look for documents. On the other hand, a subpoena is a document that requires the materials to be provided for review by the authorities. It is much less intrusive than having someone’s home and business turned upside down by a team of agents.

Contact a DC Federal Sex Trafficking Attorney

A DC federal sex trafficking lawyer could work to protect your rights if you have been charged with human trafficking. If you know that your home or place of business is to be searched under warrant, call a lawyer immediately. A lawyer might help clarify what is going on with an investigation, represent you during a charging process, and protect your right to be free of self-incrimination. Call today to get started on your case.

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