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Unique Aspects of DC Federal Human Trafficking Cases

If you have been charged with, or are being investigated for human trafficking, it may be in your best interest to engage the services of a DC federal criminal defense lawyer. They may know the unique aspects of DC federal human trafficking cases and use their experience to craft a strong defense on your behalf.

Human Trafficking vs Human Smuggling

Human trafficking and human smuggling are not necessarily interchangeable. Smuggling simply involves transportation while trafficking is explicitly for exploitation.

Human smuggling is getting people into the United States and is not necessarily for purposes of exploitation. Human trafficking focuses on the exploitation of those trafficked. Human trafficking is an overarching set of behaviors. It can fall under a variety of statutes depending on the facts of the specific case.

Reasons to Contact a Lawyer

When a person knows they are being investigated for human trafficking charges, they should contact a lawyer with experience handling these charges immediately. It is important that when someone knows or believes they are being investigated for this type of charge, they contact a lawyer. A lawyer might take action to help combat these charges at every stage of the investigation, especially in the early stages.

Grounds for a Human Trafficking Charge and Investigation

An individual might be accused of coercing someone in the process of coming to the United States into doing something against their will. When a person is being coerced into doing something against their will through forced labor, prostitution, or other types of exploitation, those are considered human trafficking activities and could result in charges. The broad spectrum of reasons for a charge is a unique aspect of DC federal human trafficking cases.

Before recommending that a prosecutor charges someone with human trafficking, law enforcement must investigate the case. They interview witnesses, attempt to interview the person who might be charged, and pull records. The typical statute of limitations for this investigation and charge is five years, but there are different statutes of limitations depending on the specific charge.

Attempt and Conspiracy to Commit Human Trafficking

Conspiracy has a specific meaning as it relates to human trafficking. It means there is communication between two or more people and an agreement to engage in human trafficking. Someone must also make an overt act on behalf of the illegal agreement or attempt to substantially complete the act. Even if the act itself is not illegal, the illegal agreement creates a conspiracy.

Charges with Human Trafficking

It is common that most federal cases including human trafficking cases have more than one charge against a person. There could be a wire fraud charge or a mail fraud charge depending on the type of communication used. There may also be sexual abuse charges in this context.

Contact a Criminal Defense Attorney Today

The best thing people can do if charged is to be quiet. They should refrain from saying anything and allow an experienced attorney to represent them. An aggressive criminal defense lawyer could explain unique aspects of a DC federal human trafficking case and may be able to fight on your behalf.

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