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Challenging a License Suspension in DC

When a person is arrested for a DUI, the officer will issue an Order of Proposed Revocation. Once an individual receives the Order, they are able to schedule an administrative hearing to challenge the suspension of her license. The request for a hearing must be made from the individual themselves or their DC license suspension lawyer within 10 days if a person is a DC resident or within 15 days if a person is not a DC resident. The hearing will determine if the DC license or privilege to drive in DC is suspended.

If one does not request a hearing, the DMV will automatically suspend that individual’s license.

Process of Challenging a License Suspension

In order to challenge the suspension of a person’s license in Washington, DC you need to request an administrative hearing with the help of a DC license suspension lawyer, that will be held at the DMV once they have received notice of their license being suspended.

To request a hearing, one will need to have a copy of the notice of suspension, driver’s license, and any other supporting documentation. An individual may submit a request in person or through the mail.

At the end of the administrative hearing, if someone is not satisfied with the results, they have the ability to appeal. An individual must appeal the result within 15 days of the hearing examiner’s decision.

Do I Need to Go To Court?

A person does not need to go to court to challenge a license suspension. All hearings will be held at the DMV. Additionally, a person does not need to file an appeal unless they are not satisfied with the hearing examiner’s decision at the administrative hearing.

Requirements of Challenging a License Suspension

A person does not need to be acquitted to get a driver’s license reinstated. An individual must first complete the required revocation period. Once this period is completed, one must go to the DMV to schedule a reinstatement hearing with the required documentation. Such documentation includes proof of SR-22 insurance, a copy of an alcohol treatment program certificate, and a certified copy of the DC Superior Court disposition.

Additionally, there is a $98.00 reinstatement fee. An individual can pay the reinstatement fee either online or in person at the DMV. An individual should note that the reinstatement fee cannot be paid with cash.

Role of An Attorney

A DC license suspension lawyer will be able to attend any administrative hearings, including the suspension and reinstatement hearing on an individual’s behalf. The lawyer will also be able to help an individual through the complicated DC Superior Court process and ensure that they provide the information that is necessary to get your license re-instated.

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