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Maryland Alcohol Education Courses

Individuals who are facing drunk driving charges may have the option of attending Maryland alcohol education courses. These programs are designed to help a person address any problems they may have with alcohol. These are one of the many different programs offered throughout the state to provide an overview of the common issues and problems related to driving and driving. While the variety of courses offered by organizations differs, they are very often part of a sentence after a conviction for driving under the influence.

Attending these courses might help an individual with their defense case. In fact, most sentences for a person convicted of drunk driving will include a probationary condition that the person must complete one of these courses. Under such circumstances, a person who fails to complete the requisite course will be violating their probation and could, therefore, face jail time or other consequences.

A person who has questions regarding these courses, what they do, and how they might impact their case could benefit from speaking with an accomplished lawyer for answers. Adept defense attorneys could stand by you and provide the legal support and guidance you need.

Offered Programs

There are numerous alcohol education programs offered in different counties throughout Maryland. In fact, various businesses are set up to cater to orders issued by the courts. Because drunk driving instances are so common, the business for such programs is essentially a cottage industry.

While the county bar association administers them at the county level, other private organizations also administer their own. A dedicated lawyer could help defendants pick the best program for their specific circumstance.

While the specifics of these classes take different forms, they typically meet one to three times a week for a couple of hours and provide general information about alcohol use and abuse. They also may discuss the legal frameworks surrounding drinking and driving and other information related to drinking in public.

Online Course Options

While numerous safety courses are available online, many of them are national as opposed to state-specific. Since many of them have a minimum time requirement, a person must typically spend an average minimum of eight hours in completing the online questions. The court or the Department of Parole and Probation can provide a list of approved online courses.

What Kind of Educational Materials Are Used in a Course?

The educational materials used in a Maryland DUI course could vary. Typically, it is basic information regarding the law, medical textbooks, or pamphlet material. In certain cases, the information is sponsored by Mothers Against Drunk Driving or other special-interest organizations. The programs could also involve videos or photographs depicting the consequences of drinking and driving, or driving while impaired.

Comparing Traffic Schools to Educational Programs

Traffic school is not the same thing as a DUI education program in Maryland. As the name implies, the DUI program is specifically related to drinking and driving and alcohol use. Traffic safety courses, on the other hand, are more general and are essentially the rules of the road for driving. Often, there may be a small section or a portion of the traffic safety class that covers DUI laws, however. Still, it should be noted that the overall focus will be on general driving rules and regulations.

Benefits for DUI Defendants

An alcohol education course could be personally beneficial and educational for defendant who has been charged with drunk driving. The person may be able to learn and familiarize themselves with the law and gain a background in how alcohol interacts with the body and can impede their ability to drive.

It could also help a person obtain a better sentence from the court if it is completed before their sentencing. This is because the person’s attorney might be able to use the completion of the course when negotiating with the prosecutor to show the defendant’s commitment.

It also shows that the accused is taking the situation seriously by committing themselves to ensure that they will never repeat an offense. In response, the government may be willing to offer a more lenient sentence.

Speak With an Attorney Regarding Maryland Alcohol Education Classes

Maryland alcohol education courses might impact each person differently, based on their individual situation and needs. Typically, however, a person should look at these classes as both an opportunity and a positive resource.

While these courses could be beneficial for a person’s health, it might also have a significant impact on their court case and may even be a key factor in possibly avoiding jail time or even a conviction. Short of this, it might be valuable when attempting to obtain the best possible sentence under the circumstances. To learn more, call a dedicated and seasoned attorney.

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