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Bond in Maryland DUI Cases

As defined in Maryland, a bond is essentially the amount of money a person has to pay to be released from jail. The idea is that if they show up for a court date, they will get the money back. It is a way that the judicial system provides an incentive for people to show up in court. If you have questions regarding a bond in Maryland DUI cases, consult a knowledgeable DUI attorney to learn your options.

Determining Bond Amounts

The amount of the bond for DUI cases is determined by a magistrate judge in Maryland who will make a probable cause determination based on the application for a statement of charges. The officers write up a narrative describing what happened that led to the criminal charges and the magistrate will use this description to determine whether there is probable cause for the charges to go forward. If the magistrate determines that there is no probable cause, the person must be released on their own recognizance with the promise that they will return to court. If their case is not dismissed, the charges are still in place and the person may still be convicted and summoned to prison. It should be noted that they are not going to be held now.

If the magistrate finds probable cause, they will impose a bond amount. At the hearing, the defendant has the right to an attorney, and if they do not have one, one will be assigned to represent them, speak on their behalf, and argue for as low a bond amount as possible. The state will argue for whatever it thinks is an appropriate bond amount, and the magistrate makes the bond determination based on those arguments. For certain charges or a certain situation, the magistrate must by law impose a no-bond status. This means that the person cannot be released and no amount of money or the conditions will allow that.

The no-bond determination usually occurs in certain serious felony charges, which includes murder and first-degree sexual assault. In certain cases, a person is on probation or it is a certain domestic-related type of charge. The next day that the court is open, the defendant and their attorney will go in front of a district court judge. The bond imposed by the magistrate will be reviewed here. Since the district court judge is not bound by the same rules that apply to the magistrate, the district court judge may ignore that and impose whatever sort of bond they feel appropriate. This could occur even in certain serious felony cases if the person is on supervised probation or it is a domestic-related charge and the magistrate judge has imposed no bond.

How to Post a Bond in Maryland

To post a bond in Maryland, a person could go to the clerk’s office at the courthouse or detention center and make a statement and pay the bond amount, or have someone else pay it on their behalf. In certain cases, the judge will impose a 10 percent rule. This means that they are only required to post 10 percent of the bond amount. They are essentially paying the percentage to the bail bonds-person, who will pay the full amount.

Things to Know About Posting a Bond in Maryland

People who are interested in posting a bond in Maryland should know that they are not always required to go through a bail bonds-person for certain bond amounts. As an example, if the bond is $2,500 or less, the defendant or someone on their behalf could pay 10 percent of that amount at the clerk’s office for their release. Another thing to know is that if a person is arrested and they have money, credit cards, or other sources of obtaining money, these items will not have access to them since they will be taken from them and stored at the jail for them. In such a case, they will have to assign permission for someone to retrieve that property from the jail and use it to post the bond. Individuals in Maryland were arrested for DUI cases are advised to contact an adept attorney for help with getting a bond for release.

Reach Out to an Accomplished DUI Defense Attorney

A bond in Maryland DUI cases could be of great benefit for individuals accused of drunk driving. Defendants could post a bond with the help of their legal counsel and be released so that they are able to better prepare for their defense case. A Maryland lawyer could explain how posting a bond works and may be able to build a person’s defense case. Call today to understand your rights.

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