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Maryland Student DUI Lawyer

While students make many mistakes during their time in college, a DUI allegation could follow them for years. Colleges take drunk driving allegations seriously and conduct their own hearing regarding the matter. Consequently, a student may face both legal problems and disciplinary actions following a DUI charge. For those facing such allegations, help may be available in the form of a Maryland student DUI lawyer. A hard-working attorney could provide the support and legal guidance a student needs during this time.

How Does a DUI Impact a Person’s Student’s Status?

Each university has various codes of conduct and policies for student behavior. Most are extremely broad and far-reaching. A student charged with a DUI on campus during the school year may be subject to penalties from the school. Most schools have the discretion to impose penalties to treat a DUI as a violation of the student code. If the student is found to be in violation of the code, the sanctions could be serious and may include expulsion.

While most universities do not expel a student for having one DUI, it could result in suspensions. Since it may also result in a sanction that goes on the student’s transcript, the consequences could be significant. Universities take student drinking seriously, especially if they were underage. Drinking and driving is the main focus of this effort.

If the DUI did not take place campus or was in another jurisdiction, the school might not find out about the alleged offense. Schools may not necessarily have a requirement that the student must report a DUI. If the university does find out about it, there is a strong likelihood that the school will become involved. The student may have to deal with an administrative hearing before the school adjudication board in conjunction with their court obligations. A Maryland attorney could accompany students to their college DUI hearing and help them defend themselves.

Drunk Driving Cases Involving Underage Students

Whether the student is under or over 21, it is still an offense to drink and drive and it is likely an offense to the student code of conduct to drink and drive. A student being underage could escalate the penalties and might increase the concern from the administrative body at the university. An underage DUI could be a more serious violation of the student code of conduct since there is a question of degree rather than a categorical difference.

If the student is under 21 when they are charged with a drinking and driving offense, the school takes the alleged offense more seriously. Even if the student’s case is dismissed in court or they go to trial and are found not guilty, the university is not bound by the court’s decision. It may proceed with punishment or a disciplinary process for the accused. If the student goes to trial in court and is found not guilty, the university likely considers this information. While it may be compelling information, it does not automatically mean the university will drop its investigation or dismiss any violation they lodged against the student. Following a DUI charge, students could speak with a Maryland attorney to learn whether their college may learn about their charges, and how to prepare for such an outcome.

How Colleges Usually Learn About a Student’s Intoxicated Driving Charge

Many universities have campus police. Some universities or campus police are fully-licensed municipal police similar to any other municipality whose jurisdiction is the campus. Every school has campus security who could also be involved if there is a DUI on campus. When a DUI occurs near the campus or in the city, the local law enforcement might notify the school. Some universities have a reporting requirement for the student. Typically, the school finds out when a DUI happens on or near campus and campus police or campus security are involved.

Advice For Student Who Were Charged With Drunk Driving

One of the first things students charged with a DUI should know is that the offense does not necessarily mean their life is over or their career plans or goals are ruined. After discussing the situation and identifying the circumstances, an attorney may tell the student that it is a serious situation and the outcome will be determined by the student’s own choices and how much effort they are willing to put into showing the school that they take the charges seriously.

While the specifics take different forms, they may be able to move forward successfully if the student is willing to put in the effort. It does not necessarily close any doors or prevent the student from pursuing their goals in the future. Accused individuals should be willing to attend alcohol education classes or participate in a program to get the best resolution to their DUI charges.

Consult a Maryland Student DUI Attorney

Given the potential impact of drunk driving charge on a person’s record, individuals are advised to speak with a Maryland student DUI lawyer. A well-practiced attorney could explain the potential penalties for a student DUI, could represent them while speaking with the police or college authorities, and could build their defense case. Whether a student is of age or under 21, they are advised to call a Maryland student DUI lawyer today.

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