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Life After a DUI Arrest in Maryland

Life after a DUI arrest in Maryland holds many challenges for a person. Individuals must jump through many legal hoops and could face countless consequences if they are not prepared to face their accusations. If you have been arrested for drunk driving, reach out to a hard-working criminal attorney. A seasoned lawyer could review your case and champion your defense.

Major Impacts a Drunk Driving Arrest Could Have on a Person’s Life

The most immediate impact of a drunk driving arrest is the license suspension. Much will depend on whether a breathalyzer test was administered and what its results were. If a driver refuses the test, they may have their driver’s license suspended immediately.

A person’s license suspension will go into effect 45 days from the time of the arrest. This suspension could last up to a year. The person will also have a court date they must attend. Within a few days or sooner, the information about the arrest will be accessible through the public Maryland case search website and the clerk’s office. A knowledgeable attorney in Maryland could break down what the consequences a person may see in their life after a DUI arrest.

Long-Term Impacts of an Intoxicated Driving Arrest

While the arrest alone will typically not have many long-term impacts, the existence of the case can remain public indefinitely. As a seasoned lawyer could explain, a DUI conviction in Maryland cannot be expunged or sealed. A conviction will appear on a person’s record for the rest of their lives on any background check or employment application.

It could also appear in matters of housing, professional licensing, or any other activity that requires a check. This could have an impact on the person’s employment opportunities, limit their housing opportunities, and could complicate their ability to obtain security clearances or other privileges or benefits.

Impacts of a Maryland DUI Arrest on Out-of-State Visitors

A Maryland DUI arrest will typically not impact out-of-state individuals in their home state. Pending the case in Maryland, they may be subject to conditions of pretrial release. If they are released on their own recognizance, they have promised to return to Maryland for their designated court date.

If a person misses a DUI court date, they will have an open warrant out for their arrest. This could impact their ability to travel, especially if they wish to travel in and out of the country. The warrant will be in the system and they will likely be subject to arrest at an airport if they attempt to leave the state. This will generally involve a somewhat lengthy process while they remain in custody for several days or longer. A Maryland DUI attorney could explain the impacts that an out-of-state person could see in their life after an arrest.

Getting a License in Another State After a Maryland DUI Arrest

Whether a DUI on one’s record in Maryland impacts a person’s ability to get a license in another state depends on the other state. Typically, simply having a conviction for DUI will not prevent a person from getting a driver’s license. A DUI conviction in Maryland carries 12 points and an automatic revocation of the person’s driver’s license or driving privileges.

If their license was revoked in Maryland, they are likely to be prevented from getting a license in another jurisdiction until their driving privileges in Maryland are reinstated. Maryland points come off a person’s record two years after conviction. If a person has completed their court obligations and their sentence, and if they are no longer subject to sanctions in Maryland, most jurisdictions will allow the individual to obtain a driver’s license if they become resident of the state in question.

What to Tell Insurance Companies After a DUI Arrest

A person’s specific insurance contract will determine what the individual must tell their insurance company about their DUI arrest. Usually, they would need to explain what charges were made against the person and when the arrest occurred. While some insurance companies will impose penalties or increase fees right away, most will wait for the outcome.

Points come with a conviction and not for an arrest itself. It should be noted that if a person is arrested for drunk driving, their insurance company will likely receive an automatic notification from a national database of traffic violations.

Life After a DUI Arrest in Maryland

It is crucial for individuals to learn about what life after a DUI arrest in Maryland will look like. An intelligent attorney could answer any questions for in-state or out-of-state individuals may have regarding how an arrest could impact their life and driving abilities. Call a lawyer today and begin learning more about your rights.

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